Makeover Your Morning

Mornings can be frantic, especially Monday mornings. Despite having had all weekend to take care of things, we frequently don’t tackle them until we’re forced to. Or we skip them completely and suffer the consequences. (How many times have you blamed a lack of time on packing lunch and ended up eating something unhealthy at noon? C’mon, it’s not just me!)

It’s bad enough I have to get up and go to work; I don’t want to make it even more maddening by rushing around like a chicken without a head. I want a calm transitional period between home and outside world, time to convince myself I’m lucky to have this job and stuff like that.

For quite some time now, I’ve been trying (mostly successfully) to follow an action plan that helps the process. The beauty of this plan is that it’s actually executed the evening before. Here’s what I do:

-check calendar for any upcoming appointments I might have forgotten
-pack lunch (I have only my own to prepare. If you have other lunches to prepare, get them done the night before.)
-get work clothes ready (Mine are on a hanger on my bedroom door right now.)
-get workout clothes ready (Eliminates the “didn’t have time to pack my bag” excuse for NOT exercising)
-transfer to the car anything that needs to go with me the next day, unless it requires refrigeration
-make sure car keys are by the back door

Simple little things, but not having to deal with them early in the morning was one of the best makeovers I’ve done yet! And it gives me a few minutes for blogging first thing in the a.m., and that’s always a fun way to start the day.

What makes your mornings frantic? Maybe we can put our heads together and figure out a solution. Or, have you already uncovered tricks of your own you might want to share?