Ready, Set…Action!

We’ve pretty much established that I’m slightly to the left of normal, in all things but especially so in the area of attempting fitness. Almost no trick or gimmick I can think of is too silly or corny for me to try. If it keeps me energized and involved, I’ll do whatever I need to do to remain (mostly) on track, providing it’s legal, moral, safe and healthy. And free.

This might not be so bad if I kept these gimmicks to myself, but no-o-o-o. I have to publicize them so that you can all see close to certifiable I have become. And this one, folks, will likely have the white coats pulling into my driveway within minutes of publishing this post.

But I’m posting it anyway. Because that’s what we whacko folks do.

First, the set up: I’ve noticed a few bloggers having binge problems recently, and a few others who are finding it difficult to stay motivated for exercise, and still others who are growing bored or disenchanted with our friend, the Satanic Scale. All understandable situations but ones that, if not managed, can quickly lead to a fitness meltdown. Yikes!

cameramanNow to the embarrassing part, the idea: Sometimes when I’m not really wanting to do the right thing, I imagine I’m being filmed at that very moment. Whether it’s the crew from Oprah or 60 Minutes or I’m stuck in some Truman-esque fantasy world–it doesn’t really matter. The point of it is to imagine that there’s a film crew with me and my actions are being seen. Double Yikes!

Silly? Yes. Effective? Always.

So my challenge to you is this: when faced with one of the aforementioned obstacles, stop and ask yourself the question, “How would I act or respond if I was being filmed at this moment?”

Would you have that bag of chips? Would you skip your walk again? Probably not, if you knew the world was watching. Speaking on behalf of your adoring audience, drama and angst have their place in art, but for you we want the swell of music as you achieve victory. We want the happy ending! We want to leave the theater sheepishly wiping away tears of joy, dammit!
Or maybe that’s just me.

As you approach the weekend, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to use a little creative visioning to inspire you past the temptations and tripwires. It just might work! And since I’ve already posted it, you don’t have to humiliate yourself by telling anyone what you’ve done. It’s between you and the camera. :) :)

Now, I’m off to imagine myself being filmed for an HGTV special on clean and orderly homes.

Ready for my close up, Mr. D!

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