Weekend Randomness

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and that it’s cooler where you live than it is here in Memphis. We’re nearing triple digits and you can see the air. Yuck! It’s way too hot to think much, so if you’ll pardon me, I’ll just ramble a bit.

First, on the issue of my possible sports injury, I need to point out that I haven’t been diagnosed with anything. I’m just pontificating based on 5-second observation by my podiatrist and my own internet “research.” I see my GP on Monday and we’ll go from there. I’m continuing to poke around articles and abstracts, and I’m going to keep poking around until I find one that says it’s okay to cross your legs. A lot. (I swear, this is harder than losing weight ever was. Sheesh!)

I did find that there has been at least one study that showed weight loss can bring on this type of dysfunction. That’d be me. I think, though, that the cause was believed to be mostly poor nutrition, and we know that’s not the case with me. (ptg, this may be where the diagnosis among the very, very thin comes in. I assure you that not only am I not very, very thin, I’m not even reasonably close to thin. *G*)

It will be interesting to see what the final diagnosis is. With any luck, it will turn out to be an ingrown hair or something equally ridiculous.

Rambling on…Today’s exercise was…well, ‘pitiful’ is too kind a word for my elliptical experience. It was one of those days where I just didn’t have anything for it. Those days will happen (especially during a heat wave), so I did the best I could and kept my heart rate up near the 130 mark (close to where it should be) for the minimum required time (by me) of 30 minutes. Good enough. I’m going to exercise early tomorrow morning before the heat of the day sets in. I hope to walk five miles and bike five miles, but I’m playing it by ear (and heat index). Completing one or the other will be good enough, but I’d like to do both.

More rambling…I got a pedicure today. My tippytoenails are nicely adorned in Essie’s Escapades, which has been my color du summer for manicures.

And that is all I have. I didn’t contribute much to the planet today, and I apologize for that. I’ll do better tomorrow.