Almost Home

Greetings from Knoxville, TN. The mountains will soon be behind me, and as much as I’ve enjoyed their beauty, I’ll be glad to drive on flat land again. (Remind me of that this afternoon when I’m driving across middle Tennessee farmland.)

My Maryland trip was a blast! Unfortunately it is now also a blur. I know that there was a lot of sugar involved (cookies AND cake!) and that I had to keep re-introducing myself to people. Meals were healthy, snacks were not, and I can only hope that repeatedly climbing the stairs to my fourth floor room offset some of the excess. And if it didn’t? So. what. I had fun.

But the fun didn’t stop in Maryland. On Tuesday night, I met Dietbook and WVSooner (I saw his car before I saw anyfor a yummy (and mostly healthy) dinner. I wasn’t surprised to find them both as charming and funny in person as they are on their blogs. But it’s still nice to have it confirmed. :) Thanks, V. and WV. , for a delightful evening! (And thanks for dinner, too!) You were both very generous to take time from your hectic lives for a meet-up.

Wednesday was my first rain day and a little unnerving as I careened up and down various mountains, but the destination was worth it: lunch with Deborah! We met in Lewisburg, WV, a pretty little mountain town, and had a healthy and delicious lunch at a local spot before doing a little shopping. Deborah is one of those new friends who feels like an old friend, and I enjoyed our paltry few hours together. I can’t be sure, but I suspect we could do some real damage to our pocketbooks if we went shopping together too often. :) Thank you, Deborah, for your generosity and good company!

And now it is time for this chubby girl to get dressed and set out on the last little journey. I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, but I will be glad to sleep in my own bed!