Catching Up (aka What Thursday?)

First, an apology for not posting yesterday and a big THANKS to those of you who inquired. All was well. The daytime hours were jammed, and last night I simply ran out of steam. :)

Another big THANKS to all of you who shared your thoughts on the LA fast food ban. One thing that occurred to me yesterday was the dangerous precedent for letting one group or entity decide what constitutes “fast food” or even what aspects of fast food are healthy vs. unhealthy. We all know the wide spectrum of viewpoints on the topic even within our own blogging community. But many, if not most, of us agree that freedom of choice—even bad choices—overrides the presumed good intentions of the planners. Information and education are critical pieces of the solution along with ensuring access to affordable healthier foods. (Btw, check out this link for a list of 20 healthy foods to buy for less than $1.).

Huh. Am I the only one to whom it is abundantly apparent that the rest of the world need only check with us first to receive all the answers they need? :)

Winding down, I have no real news report. It’s been a great week workout-wise, and an almost great week for eating healthy. Hmm, on second thought, make that a great week for eating healthy, too. We’ll count the cake and ice cream I had in the mental health column.

I have my MITs for the weekend ready:
Tame the paperwork beast
Clean the car, inside & out
Organize home office, including computer cables

Dry cleaner
Grocery store
Post office
Macy’s (Tax-free shopping weekend in TN)
Running shoe store (see note on taxes)

Throw in a couple of cardio workouts and at least one good nap, and I’ll consider it a great weekend, too!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Hydrate, use sunscreen and don’t overdo!*

*(Why, yes, I do feel it is my place to boss you around. I’m a Leo and that’s what we do.)