HYC Check-in Week 32

As I enter my last week of being a 40-something, I’m especially pleased to report an early birthday present: New Bling! And because it’s been a long time coming, I made extra bling!


According the scale monster, I lost 2.8 lbs. this week! To be honest, I wasn’t terribly surprised. For one thing, it follows the pattern I’ve had all along: littlebit,littlebit,littlebit,lottabit. Also, I’ve been noticing some more positive body changes in the past week. But the number is good, too. And if it bounces back up next week, so be it. I’ll count next Monday as my birthday weigh-in. My initial goal was to lose 50 lbs by my 50th birthday, so unless I have one helluva splurge, I think it’s in the bag. LOL

In other news, no pictures of the new bike rack yet. I have to get adapter for it so that I can haul around my “girlie” bike. That’s okay. It gave me an opportunity to do a Farewell Tour of the subdivision and I managed to cover about 9 miles Sunday a.m. Learned a lot, too, which I need to get down on paper so that I can share with you. Time, time, time…

I forgot to mention that I bought a new “adult-sized” hula hoop over the weekend. Sports Authority had them on sale, so I picked it up for less than $5.00. Woo-hoo! The bigger size does help, somewhat, as I’m up to 10 swivels before the squat becomes necessary. :)

Something else I meant to mention is that Target has it’s Championn sports bras on sale this week–$12.99! I picked up two new ones: aqua and Picasso Blue. I so love the C9 brand.

And that’s it for me. A good week behind me, and I’m looking forward to another good week ahead. Between the upcoming birthday celebrations and my pending vacation, I need to mind my fitness manners this week.

I hope you have an excellent week! You KNOW that you want to! :)