Little of This,Little of That

Some randomness, but important randomness…

On October 15, 2007, I participated in the first ever Blog Action Day, a single day with bloggers all around the world blogging on one subject: the environment. Over 20,000 blogs participated, an amazing number for the first year. The organizers are holding the event again on October 15th this year, and the theme is Poverty. On that day, participants’ posts should focus on the issue of poverty as it relates to their general blog topic. Click here for information and/or to sign up.

Moving on, good article on clutter and diet on Unclutterer today.

For non-cooking types like me, check out Very basic, with short (and cute) video guides for many recipes.

And that’s all for me today. Killer workout tonight, so a nice soaking bath is in my immediate future. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! (Within reason. I can’t help you out if you need bail money.)