Step Up!!

During some work-oriented link-hopping, I found this creative little acronym, and I like it for the fit-life change especially. Not surprising since it’s basically what I’ve been doing for the past 18 months. Only I wasn’t bright enough to create the acronym. :)


1. Sense what you need to change for the better.
2. Think creatively of ways to make your life work.
3. Energize yourself to charge up your life.
4. Plan your strategies for action.
5. Use resources and tools to aid you.
6. Perform regular review to improve.

My comments:
#2 & 4 are my favorite parts of the process. I love inventing new challenges for myself or “work-arounds” for situations that usually present problems. For example, I took three vacations last year and lost weight on two of them. I think I would’ve lost on the third one if I had eaten more calories. (I didn’t factor in how much walking I was doing at the BlogHer Conference and most of that walking with my computer bag strapped to my back.)

#3 is HUGE. There’s a great quote attributed to Sarah Bernheardt: “Energy creates energy.” Every success is a spark and a bunch of those sparks creates a fire, and when you reach that stage, there is NO turning back. All of your attention is forward-focused and you know the results will follow. Sure, there are down times, but when there’s that much energy in your body, the negativity just won’t stick. (Believe me, I tried!)

#5 for me was Sparkpeople, Fitness Together, this blog, and your blogs. (See sidebar for links.)

#6 made me laugh. IMO, “performing regular reviews” does NOT mean weighing oneself every half hour. 😉

How is this similar or dissimilar to your plan? Are there elements you would add to it or omit completely? I’m always curious…