Swivel, Swivel, Squat

Thanks so much for the comments, tips and suggestions re: the hula hoop! (wvsooner, your comment made me snort diet coke out my nose and it hurt! My attorney will be contacting your…well, you, I guess! *g*)

MizFit, I would love to see your hula hoop vid, but I can’t seem to get the fancy-schmancy search button on your site to work for me. Pleeeeease? A link here or your place is a-okay and would be much appreciated!

For now, I’ve decided to leave those plain, old-fashioned, ordinary hula hoops to other people in favor of the new exercise I have invented: the swivel, swivel, squat. It starts like the traditional hula, but instead of doing boring circles, you swivel your hips a couple of times and then squat to pick up the hula hoop from the floor. I started with two sets of 5 last night, but I’ll probably ramp that up to three sets of 10 tomorrow night. (Must take a rest night tonight to give my side muscles a chance to recover.) :) :) (Note: this workout, while intense, does not qualify one for the “extra calorie” exemption of the more traditional hardcore workout.)

Oh, and Pattie? You reminded me that I forgot to post about my jump rope experience last week! I had to do 300 jumps as part of our Walk Across American Challenge at work, and to my complete astonishment, it just wasn’t that hard! Numerous rest breaks were required, some to catch my breath, and a few to get my laughter under control. For some reason, I can’t seem to do one jump at a time; I require two. I call it the Cammy Couplet. ::) It was still a great workout. I’m definitely going to purchase a jump rope for home!

I didn’t get to try out the new kicks last night, but I’m hoping for tomorrow night. (tonight I wear my gym-only workout shoes.)

And lastly, any George Foreman grillin’ recipes that find their way here will be mucho appreciated!