Big Bounce

Wow, my scale comments in my last post turned out to be quite timely. My midweek weigh-in (not to be confused with my official Monday weigh-in or my Friday sneak peek weigh-in) showed a big bounce–UP around 3 pounds (or so. I keep forgetting to write things down.) Do you suppose I jinxed myself? LOL

Since I’ve been doing the right things, I should see a bounce the other direction sometime soon, but I did have that oh, shit heck! moment when I first saw the number. Fortunately, over the past year I have had ample opportunity to practice the reality check follow-up moment: Pants fit? Check. Shirt fits? Check. Okay. exhale

I bring all this up because guess what I found in my inbox this morning? A fantastic article from sparkpeople on scale obsession, that’s what! In the event you’re running short on time, here are the signs of obsession as described in the article:
1. You constantly worry about weighing in.
2. You weigh in more than once per day.
3. You can recite your weight to the nearest fraction at all times.
4. The scale determines how you feel about yourself for the day.

If any of that rings true for you, you might want to check out the article. It’s a little long (as SP articles go), but I thought it was a good ‘un.

I’ve performed a self-check, and I’m pleased to report an ‘all-clear’. The fact that I had two scale posts in one week had me a tad concerned. :)

Hope you’re all having a great week!