Check-in among other things

It’s been a little crazy getting settled back in. I apologize for erratic posting and commenting.

Thanks to all for the comments on this week’s Makeover Monday post and for the additional tips. I’m lucky enough to have avoided true credit problems, and it breaks my heart to see others struggling with it, whether through their own mistakes or life circumstances. I know that I might not always be so fortunate, which is why I make every effort to stay debt free (minus the mortgage payment, that is.) In fact, if things continue as they were predicted at work today, I may be out of a job in a few months. I should know more in a few weeks. No matter what happens, I’ll deal with it (an enhanced severance package wouldn’t hurt), but it does make one apprehensive. :)

Lest you think work has been all bad, I can happily report that I have successfully resisted treats offered at two management recognition events this week. The staff secretly got together and planned a surprise breakfast for us yesterday and an ice cream sundae party today. I was lucky yesterday morning because I had just finished my breakfast (oatmeal with peanut butter, followed by cantaloupe–yum!), and I couldn’t have eaten anything more if I’d wanted to. They had all sorts of biscuits, breakfast cakes, sausages, bacon, pancake, muffins, and fruit, but all I could do was smile and say, “Thank you.” I really didn’t want to offend anyone (it was so nice of them to do it!), but I also didn’t want to go splodey all over the lobby. *g*

At today’s ice cream event, they didn’t have low fat or low sugar offerings, so I ran to the fridge for my Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt, then came back and squirted some peanut butter sauce on it for my own version of a sundae. Not bad, but not ice cream. Next time I’ll try it with chocolate sauce. :)

Then we had The Meeting about the Future, and I was glad I hadn’t eaten anything heavy.

But the day ended on a bright note–several, in fact. I weighed before my workout and I’m down another half pound since last Friday. Yaay! I had a great workout with Trainer Kevin, who makes me laugh in spite of the pain, and then I just finished a good phone conversation with my friend (and inspiration), Morgan. So the truly important things were all achieved. :)

I’m still trying to catch up with my RSS feeds, but I’ll eventually get there. I hope you’ve all had a splendid few weeks and are looking forward to more ahead. If not, may your troubles end soon.