Dazed and Confused

Huge shocker tonight when I went to work out. Trainer Kevin is gone. Just like that! I don’t know the whys or wherefores and it’s not really my business anyway, but…wow. I never expected this. It’s not like the other trainers are bad; in fact, I had a great workout with Trainer Wayne tonight.

They’re just not TK. Prince of the Push-up. Lord of the Lunge. Sultan of Squats.

::sad sigh::

I wish I’d made it to 100 push-ups or 100 pounds lost or 100 pounds on the bench press, since those were the goals he said we were gonna make, even if it killed him. But the worst part, I think, is that I didn’t get to say goodbye and/or thank you, so if you’ll pardon me…

Kevin, if you should ever stumble across this entry (maybe while googling “sad people in Memphis who lost their favorite trainer ever”), know that I appreciate all the great workouts, your quiet wisdom, your gentle (except when it’s evil) sense of humor, and your constant encouragement. I’ll miss you, but I wish you well in your next great adventure.

I think for the weekend, I’m just going to pretend it’s all a bad dream. Or a really bad joke the other guys think is hilarious.

::more sad sighing::

Thank goodness I have lots going on this weekend to distract me. I’m volunteering for the FedEx Rock and Roll 150 tomorrow (and taking advantage of the masseuse while I’m there). Then I have a long list of Things That Should Be Done prior to my trip next week. I’ll be trying to dodge a hurricane, too. Oh, and getting in my cardio workouts both days.

But now? I’m going to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

(Texans, my thoughts are with you. Be safe!)