Farewell to Austin

Fun things I never expected to do in Austin:

Improve my on-base percentage. Granted, I’m not actually playing on a softball team, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to work on my swing. I played on several teams about 20 years ago, and I was a decent player. After Saturday’s practice session, I’m happy to report that the girl’s still got it! (The same girl that’s still feeling it three days later!)

Compete in my own special Olympics. “Sports” I’m good at: mini-golf, basketball, skeeball. The not-so-great: driving for Nascar, air hockey, any game involving a gun. Morgan, on the other hand, scared me a little with her shooting prowess. Especially with the automatic weapons.

Ride a bike for three hours. Austin has amazing bike trails. We rode and rode and rode and rode, and we covered only a fraction of what was available. We probably would have done better if we hadn’t discovered SoCo and it’s fun and funky shops.

I had such a blast on this trip, in part because of the great company, but also because of the joy of being ACTIVE all weekend. The bike ride, especially, wouldn’t have happened last year.

Oh, there was also the joy of scoring a Fossil handbag for $10 at the factory outlet store and going for scrumptious Tex-Mex after all that exercise.

Life is so good!