HYC Check-in Week 36

Not much to report this week that I haven’t already covered in previous posts, so I’m going to spend a moment talking about the scale, if you don’t mind.

The diabolical scale took away my vacation pound. And I was so proud of it, too! Poor little pound…

If you hang around here semi-frequently, you know that I don’t live and die by the scale numbers. I learned my lesson with that after the first six weeks of this Serious Life Conversion, when I learned I had lost only TEN pounds, despite having eaten right and exercised ALL the time. (All together now: poor, poor Cammy!)

Unfortunately, I learned this sad, sad news on the morning I was leaving to attend BlogHer ’07 in Chicago. I spent most of the 8-hour drive fretting about the dismal results. (Aren’t you glad you weren’t along for that ride?) By the time I arrived in Chicago, I had pushed the worst of the black thoughts to the back of my mind.

Michigan Avenue will do that to a girl.

It was only after I arrived at the conference and had walked a mile-and-a-half and climbed two flights of stairs with my computer bag strapped to my back, AND I WASN’T EVEN BREATHING HARD that the magical light bulb finally came on. The weight didn’t matter.


Okay, so if the weight didn’t matter, just what did matter?
– I had lost 20+ inches, 10 of them around my core.
– I had already lost a clothing size and was well on my way to losing another one.
– I was eating nutritious meals that gave me energy.
– I had already had to reduce the dosage on my blood pressure medication–by half.

More than anything else, though, was the emotional benefit of knowing that I had taken charge of my life and was doing something good for ME!

And I had been upset because the scale showed only ten pounds lost. Silly girl.

So now I weigh myself regularly, but it’s just a benchmarking kind of thing. I know from experience that my weight can bounce around a couple of pounds during the week (probably during the same day), so I don’t attach any importance to numbers within a “normal” range. If the number should show a steady incline (or decline, for that matter), then I’ll deal with it. Otherwise, it’s just a number. Kind of like age. :)

If you’re fretting about the scale, I encourage you to take a step back (a deep breath probably wouldn’t hurt either) and look at the bigger picture. List all the things that you are doing right and how they benefit you. You’re adding YEARS to your lives, for cryin’ out loud! Celebrate that, when the scale doesn’t give you something tangible to be happy about.

End of lecture. I’m off to have a celebratory sugar-free fudgesicle and, perhaps, a peach. :)