HYC Check in Week 37

Another Kevin-less workout…. I suppose it was a good workout anyway, just different. Oh well, onward and upward.

The mysterious 3-lb bounce from midweek last week is gone, so I’m basically right where I was last Monday. Or maybe not. Take a look at this:

Sunday morning (9/14/08) Target dressing room: my happy butt in a pair of size 4 jeans. Stretchy size 4’s, and I couldn’t have sat down in them without hurting something essential, but by golly, that tag running down the leg says 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 .

I didn’t buy them, because as you can see the fit is poor, but I wanted to capture the moment for posterity. When you start out in a size 22, a size 4 (even a stretchy one) is a definite photo op. I’m not likely to see a non-stretchy size 4–ever. It’s not even a goal. It’s enough to have worn them for even a minute!

Tops are still mostly size large, if you were wondering, with a couple of mediums among newer purchases. That’s a size L t-shirt I’m wearing in the picture.

And that, my friends, is my victory of the week. Nothing from the scale, and yet I am content.

I head out tomorrow for my Texas road trip. I’ll be attempting to connect from the road, but you know how that works out sometimes. Before I leave, I want to share two good links from yahoo!:

Excellent link here on reasons we regain lost weight. I’ve not only bookmarked it; I’ve printed it and posted it on my bulletin board.
And another one of those superfood articles. This one reminded me to explore the wonderful world of quinoa.
Hope you all are having a great week so far!