HYC Check-in Week 38

Kind of an unofficial check-in since I’m off my normal training schedule, but I wanted to see the immediate Austin damage.

Hell-o, there was none. I actually show a 2-pound loss! I wasn’t going to worry about it had there been a gain, because my pants were a little loose this a.m. plus, you know, there WAS that venture into Tex-Mex world. I won’t be surprised if there’s a little post-vacation bounce up next week. I’ll walk the straight and narrow until then. Or maybe just the straight or the narrow but not both. We’ll have to see. :) (No, I don’t have any idea what that means, either.)

My first-day-back workout was gruesome…and rewarding. Push-ups (with one hand on a medicine ball and the alternate leg in the air–graceful, I’m sure) and pull-ups and squats and step-ups and planks and bicycle crunches and something-else-I’m-forgetting. I don’t always like doing it, but I do love the results!

Hope you’re all having a most marvelous week!