HYC Follow-up

Well, I’m all packed and ready to go. I’ve already had my workout (yaay for 24-hr gym), and now that I’ve loaded the car, all that I’m missing is breakfast. Before I set off, I wanted to post a couple of follow-up items…

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my brief, but entirely enjoyable, size 4 experience. I still have issues with posting photos, but I do it to show those of you who are where I was (or beyond) that it IS entirely possible for us to beat this ugly weight monster. Plus, I thought my butt looked good. :) (You’ll note the face doesn’t show in that photo. That’s due to the Sunday morning justgonnaruntoTargetforaminute lack of makeup or hairstyle. LOL)

Anyway, whether it’s a size 4 or a size 14, we CAN get to AND STAY AT (that last bit’s especially for me) a healthier weight!

Okay, and speaking of photos, some folks asked about my before photos. If you follow the “photos” category link on my sidebar, you’ll get all my posts that have photos in them. There are some “before” and “during” photos scattered throughout.

Just_Kelly asked about my eating plan. Thanks for the question, Kelly. I started with sparkpeople.com, using their food logging feature to record what I ate. I also used their calorie guideline, which was 1300-1500 calorie per day in the beginning. Initially, I set goals of eating lean protein, 5-7 fruits and veggie servings, and whole grains. By recording and studying the numbers, I was able to figure out that when you’re eating good-for-you foods, 1300 calories a day is A LOT!

Now I record only sporadically, and then I use an index card I keep in my purse. Mostly I just eat the same things a lot. Since I exercise so much, my view of food has changed (mostly) to getting the most fuel out of any meal.

I also set up room for splurges. I have Cake Day, which is a piece of cake for every 500 minutes of exercise. It’s temporarily suspended during the vacation season, since vacations are MADE for splurging. A monthly splurge meal has also been part of my plan. One meal, anything I want. It starts when I sit down at the table and ends when I stand up. (Prevents one of those all day splurges. *g*)

I’m not sure if this answers your question. If not, feel free to let me know. (I’m posting inahurry.)

Kelly’s question reminded me of another question that was asked while I was on my previous vacation. Several people asked about the stair-climbing challenge I’m leading at work, and I apologize for forgetting to respond to it. How rude!
Click here to find a description of the plan. Most of us are somewhere in the Grand Canyon right now. :)

Gotta run!