On the Road Again – Round Rock, TX

Greetings from the Lone Star State. No offense, but East Texas is about as exciting as…West Tennessee. :) Farm, farm, farm, McDonald’s, farm, farm, farm, Subway, farm….for eight freaking hours.

This area (Austin and points north) is nice, though. I haven’t explored too much but hope to take care of that this weekend. Today I hope to meet up with a fellow blogger (more news on that later since I don’t want to jinx it by writing of it now). Before that I hope to check out some factory outlet stores in the area. I usually avoid those places, but this one has a Fossil store! How can a girl pass that up?

My friend, Morgan, arrived last night. Much joy and laughter! I hope it lasts the whole weekend since we’re both pee-em-ess-y. :) It was great to see her (looking ever fit) and for her to see the evidence of her inspiration. Tonight we’re going for a workout and something yummy to eat. And more laughing.

That’s it for this road report. Before I go, though, I need to make a MAJOR correction to my previous description of Cake Day. It’s every 2500 minutes exercised, not 500 as I hurriedly typed. Five hundred does have a nice ring to it, though, doesn’t it? :)

Happy Weekend to all!