Playing Catch Up

Wow, life went a little wonky there for a few days. Work took over the second half of my week, which wasn’t entirely unexpected coming off vacation, and then the internet took the day off, at least at my house, yesterday. Thanks to those of you who checked in on me. I appreciate ye!

Gorgeous week and weekend here in Memphis. I tried to be out and about most of yesterday, starting with a 10.7 mile bike ride in the morning, followed by a carb-loaded breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, conveniently located adjacent to the bike trail. I had promised myself a biscuit if I rode the 10 miles, and then decided if I did it in an hour or less (a good time for me at this point in my development) that I could have some hashbrowns, too. I got them both! I had wanted hashbrowns the whole time I was on vacation, but I put them off until my return home, when I would have better control of the rest of my daily intake.

After the ride, I was off to Steinmart, where I picked up five new tops (still size large for most tops.) I have NO cool weather clothes left, so I have to buy a few sweaters and jackets as well as a heavy winter coat. We don’t use big coats a lot here, but when we need them, we really, really need them. After looking at the prices yesterday, I think I’ll try the thrift store for the big coat. :)

Sally Beauty Supply was the next stop. I’m trying to find this fantastic product my stylist used on my hair last week: Moroccan Hair Oil. Jill called it “hair crack”, and she wasn’t exaggerating. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair. Shiny. Silky. Smooth. Pretty. I must have more, and I can’t wait for Jill to return from her cruise.

Next on the agenda: the post office. It seems they never canceled my mail hold from vacation, and I wasn’t getting any mail at all. I knew there were credit card offers just waiting for me to shred, so I had to take care of that and pick up the accumulated mail. Not so many offers, but I did receive my shiny new Toshiba portable hard drive. I’m proud of this little jewel, since I purchased it with the contents of my “spare change box”. I converted the change to an Amazon gift certificate via the coinstar machine at my grocery store.

Then it was off to lunch at Honeybaked Ham, where I had the best grainy bread (despite the carbalicious breakfast) for my ham sandwich. I could have had a cookie, if I hadn’t blown it already with the hashbrowns. Stupid potatoes. Oh well, they’ll have cookies another day. I hope. Oh dear, what if that was the last day they were ever going to have cookies? ::worries::

The rest of the day was spent doing more productive-type stuff, and then the carbs wore off and I crashed early. As you can see, I’m up and running early today. I’ve still got the bike on the car rack. I’m thinking today’s ride will be downtown or midtown. No worries about biscuits, since the biscuit place is closed on Sundays. :)

It is my fondest hope that you folks all enjoy a beautiful Sunday and that it carries over to the week ahead.

This post has been brought to you by the fine folks who made my Saturday ever so pleasant.