Round Rock Day 2

With so many Texans reeling from Hurricane Ike, I feel the teensiest bit very shallow complaining about my nice cushy hotel pillows, but honestly, these things were invented by Satan. And there are about ten of them on my bed. I feel like I’m under attack by foot-thick pillow monsters. I may have to make a Target run today to buy a normal person pillow.

Anyway, how much fun was yesterday? Morgan and I got to spend a precious hour or so with the delightful MizFit and her beautiful tornadic sidekick. (I got to see the actual Sidekick of the thumbtyping, too! Cute, but no comparison to a two-year old.*G*) I may have to move here so that I can spend more time with both of them. If you’re one of the 14 people who hasn’t checked out MizFit’s blog, I encourage you to run (or walk really fast) over there and check it out. She’s the Real Deal.

After our meet-up, we went to 24Hour Fitness for a good workout. I took over a corner of Manville for a few minutes of weight work, earning only a couple of glares from the residents there, and spent the rest of the time on cardio. It’s so great traveling with someone else who’s fitness-minded!

Today’s agenda involves spending time with our friend, Keri, who is driving down from Dallas and then….we’re going to a local place to use the batting cages and play mini-golf. I don’t know how we got it in our heads that this would be fun, but there you have it. After that, who knows what we’ll get up to. There might be live music and cowboys involved, but I probably should start a whole new blog for that report. :)

Okay, time to get my day started. There were rumors of IHOP this a.m., and I’m ready for it! (There will definitely be a gain from this trip, but so far, the clothes still fit. *g*)

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’ll be back for Makeover Monday to address something that’s been bugging me…