What Vacation?

I made it home safely, but it feels like I’ve been on the go since I returned. Between the laundry and the errands and the housework that didn’t get done before I left, it’s been a blur.

Good news: I managed to lose a half pound or so while I was on vacation (97 pounds total!), which just goes to show that an illicit corn pup never hurt anyone. :) Also, I worked out with Trainer Kevin on Friday, and I was able to complete everything pretty well. The hit-and-miss approach to training I used on vacation seemed be enough to keep me on the right path. I used the stairs a lot and got in some good walks here and there, as well as doing the odd set of squats or lunges or pushups. I had planned more, but in the end I didn’t drive 15 hours to spend my time in the fitness center or up in my room doing squats. The ultimate goal was to spend as much time as possible with my friends!

Today, I finally got to haul my bicycle to the riding trails, and I enjoyed it so much I’m going back tomorrow. The full trail is only 6.2 miles, and my goal tomorrow is to ride it twice. I may even shoot for three times, if the legs hold out. It’s that much fun.

I’ll never catch up with my reader, but I’m looking forward to trying. I apologize in advance for any comments I make on your blogs that expose my ignorance. :)