And Life Goes On

Finally getting a few moments here and there for Normal Life and as you can imaine, I’m loving it!

I got a good workout in last night. Trainer Wayne had no sympathy for my stress-filled self, and that was just what I needed. We did some new-to-me exercises:
Inverted rows (3 x 10)
Bench Jumps (3 x 10)
Crossover Lunges w/dumbbells (3 x10, no clue on the weights, maybe 10-12 lbs.)
(Please note, my abs do not like this. Sadly, my chest kind of does.)

The rest was, I think, normal stuff. Except for the side planks with leg lifts. Those need some work. :)

I’m headed off for a manicure and then to hang out with the on-the-mend folks. My mother was released from the hospital and my grandmother is slowly improving, I hope. This will be my last post for the weekend. To be honest, I’d rather spend the computer time I have available this weekend to check in on YOU!

If it’s as gorgeous where you are as it is here, you may want to head outdoors for some exercise. Here’s a video link, featuring the bench jumps mentioned above, to give you some ideas for adding some outdoor exercise to your day.

I plan to be back with Makeover Monday and possibly some Very Good News next week. (Potential for streamers and balloons, folks, but that’s all I’m sayin’.)

Have a wonderful weekend!