Are You Ready for It? (HYC Wk 42)


100 pounds gone!!

Can you believe it??!! I don’t think I can just yet. :)

Given all the family drama of the past few weeks, along with the other issues, I’m not quite feeling celebratory. There will be time for that soon enough. But I do feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. And oddly enough, determination. If I can survive the stress of the past few weeks without falling to pieces fitness-wise, then I can damn well keep this weight off.

Another odd thing is that many of the people I’ve told about it have said some variation of, “Just be sure you don’t put it all back on.” I want to respond, “Well, shoot. There goes that plan.” Of course, they also have a tale of someone’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s grandmother’s best friend who lost a gazillion pounds and gained it all back. Thanks, that’s what I need to hear right now. LOL

You know what? I am feeling celebratory. Downright giddy, now that I think about it. So giddy I can’t even capture rational thoughts. I’ll compose myself as much as possible and be back with something more sensible tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s the little bit of the journey I’ve been able to capture through pictures. I’m the teensiest bit proud. Please forgive me. :)

I’m not ending this post without offering a HUGE Thank YOU for your unending support and encouragement. Fit bloggers ROCK!

And now, I’m off to recover from tonight’s workout (pull-ups=ouch!) and to savor. :)