Better News

I think I see blue skies ahead. Maybe it’s just light cloud cover. :)

My mother is doing much better. No more seizures and the agitation has abated. The diagnosis is epilepsy, which while it isn’t something to be cheery about, is still much better than…say, a brain tumor or any other half dozen other things that immediately come to mind. We’re hopeful now for a quick exit from this place.

My grandmother is home from the hospital but I doubt it will be for long. She wasn’t ready to be dismissed, and I will always regret not being more forceful with my sister when she pushed to have Memaw released. We have a physical therapist home visit today. I’m going to get her opinion on whether or not a rehab facility is advisable.

I haven’t been able to fit in any exercise. Not officially, anyway. I do the stairs-instead-of-elevator thing here at the hospital, and there was the day spent trying to hold my mother’s thrashing body in the bed. Also, trying to lift 200-lbs of grandmother from her chair (FAIL). But officially, no. No exercise. I’m hopeful for Friday.

I am managing to eat healthy (mostly). In the past, I would’ve been hitting the vending machines and fast food places regularly. This time, I’ve managed to stay away from the danger, except for one packet of sugar-free wafers. And a gazillion Diet Cokes.

I bought an AT&T Wireless PC Card on Sunday, and I’m loving it. With it, I can connect to my work network for some key telecommuting. I had also planned to play in blogland but this is the first chance I’ve had. I hope you’re all doing well this week! I appreciate the comments, emails, and phone calls so very much and promise to catch up to everyone soon.