Friday Drive-by

Hello there,
Doing a quick clean out of my reader and thought I’d share some interesting bits and pieces I found there.

First up, an article on the continuing plague of trans fat in restaurants. Fortunately for me, the only potential offender I see on the list is the tasty, but not really very good for you, biscuit. I miss biscuits and gravy. They are my Christmas morning treat from here on out, and I will cherish them.

Next, a link that you may find useful, especially if it’s getting cool where you are. I don’t particularly like soup, but I am determined to find recipes that will change that.

And then a good article on the importance of sleep on weight loss. I can support the theory.

Now, a very useful article if you’re struggling with your workouts.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Any special plans, anyone? (My weekend will be spent working around and about the house.)