Holding On

Greetings from beneath my Black Cloud of Doom. You may not want to stand too closely, lest this is contagious.

While I’m enjoying my oatmeal w/PB2, which will likely be the high point of the day, I’ll do a quick run through of my stressors:
1. My Dad just called to let me know he and my Mom are en route to the ER, but that I should just “sit tight” until I hear back from him. Yeah, right…(on the plus side, my grandmother is showing some signs of improving more rapidly, but I’m trying not to let that interrupt my funkfest.)
2. Still no word on the job situation. Just that cuts are coming and they’re going to be deep.
3. I’ve lost a year’s salary this week in the stock market hullabaloo.
4. I have some sort of plumbing problem at my house that is causing backflow.
5. The check engine light is on in my car.

How then, am I able to sit and calmly eat breakfast? Two reasons, really:
1. There’s nothing I can do this minute to fix any of that.
2. I have it so very much better than so many people. I have oatmeal and peanut butter and a banana. I have a house and a car, even though they do have issues at the moment. I still have money in my 401k. I have a job. For today anyway.

Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in….