HYC Week 43

Whew! Made it through the week still at goal. A little under actually, since I dropped a pound or so last week. I suppose I’ll figure out how to eat/exercise without losing weight sometime soon. Huh. I suppose the approaching holiday season will help with that. LOL

I’m pleased to report that my handbag is still orderly (an ENTIRE day), although there was much reshuffling of pockets yesterday. Then this morning I decided I just HAD to carry my new red leather-ish purse, so everything had to be moved. Took about 15 seconds since it was all so organized.

The shoulder still hurts, although it didn’t hurt during my workout last night. We did use slightly lighter weights, which helped. I also did the bench jumps again, and I have to say I *love* them. I feel like a kid! And then we do pull-ups, and I feel ancient.

As a heads up, Woot‘s deal today (Tuesday) is a pair of Sandisk MP3 players for $14.99. They each hold about 240 songs, so if you’re looking for a cheapie player… Might be good stocking stuffers, too.

And that’s about it for me. I’m spending most of my spare time trying to early vote. The polls are jammed, which pleases me except that I don’t really want to stand in line.

Hope you all had a great week! I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon!