Makeover Monday Takes a Monday Off

With all that’s going on, I don’t have the strength, or the heart to be honest, to compose a Makeover Monday post. You all have been so incredibly wonderful and generous in your comforting wishes, I’m sure you’ll understand.

Mom’s had a very rough day. She’s still in ICU and is suffering some nasty aftereffects of the seizures. The sedative they initially gave her actually contributed to the nastiness, but I think they’re on a better track now. She’s finally getting some rest.

Some auxiliary family members and friends are starting to ride in now, and they are truly appreciated. The next few days will be tough, but I’m hoping we start to level off (at least) by the middle of the week.

Then I can think about getting the Rotor-rooter guys in to do their thing. And get that ‘check engine’ light checked out. :)

I’m hopeful for a workout tomorrow, primarily for stress-relief. Fingers crossed.

There are not enough words for me to express how much I appreciate all the kind words and sentiments you’ve sent my way over the past few days. You have truly comforted me with your kindness. Thank you.