No weigh-in for me yet this week. The trainers both fell ill with hangovers food poisoning, I’m presuming from the intense celebration over Alabama’s big weekend win. :) Seriously, it does sound like they were pretty sick fellas, and I hope they’re feeling better.
I’m happy to say that in 15 months of working with trainers, that is only the second time I’ve had a trainer cancel a session at the last minute, and both instances were unavoidable. I really appreciate the professionalism of the people I’ve worked with.

I didn’t do a full workout last night. I had some yard work to do, and I let that take the place of the workout. Tonight I went to the gym and did an elliptical 5k (29:29!). I’m hoping that, coupled with 18.7 miles of biking over the weekend. will aid in good scale results tomorrow night. It all certainly helped my mood! :)

I’ll be back with the “official check-in” tomorrow!