The official check in

Look, a title and everything! Apologies for the absence of a title in the last post. As you might guess, I’m a-hurryin’ and a-scurryin’ this week.

And now, for the official check-in, I’m sorry to report it is not good news. Nor is it bad news. I’m up 0.2 pounds, which equals a flat week, for all intents and purposes. Considering the extra nibbling that’s been going on for the past few days, I’ll take a flat week with a happy sigh.

Btw, the song people had it wrong. It’s almonds that are a girl’s best friend. (Try to get that song out of your heads now.)

In special request news: my grandmother (Memaw) is having a round with pancreatitis and is currently in ICU awaiting a “procedure” to remove a migratory gallstone from her pancreas. She should come through the event in good form, but when you’re 87 years old, it’s all a chance-y thing. So please think special thoughts for her today! In turn, I will think special thoughts for you! (which I’ll do anyway, you know)

Hope you’re hving a great week!