What Stress Is Good For

By way of update, my Mom is in ICU. She apparently had a couple of seizures of unknown origin, which is what happened several months ago and they were never able to pinpoint why. This time she had a pretty major one in the ER, and we hope that serves to be the proverbial silver lining. Maybe something will show up on all the scans that will help them get to the bottom of it all.

My grandmother is worried sick, as you might imagine. There is a chance she will be discharged from the hospital today, which presents its own set of issues, but at least we won’t have them in hospitals 30 miles apart. Obviously, she can’t stay alone, but we’ve got the weekend to figure out a solution to that.

All the stress does serve one good purpose. I went to the gym at daybreak this morning to work off a little tension and I completed the Elliptical 5k in 29 minutes flat! I was flying! LOL I’ll try to work in some pushups and squats and such later today to make up for the missed Friday workout, but the main thing is that I did something.

Now I’m freshly showered and ready to head to hospital #1. I’m practicing my “Something Wonderful Will Happen” along with focused breathing, and I feel ready to face the day.
Your good wishes (thank you all so much!) and a sunshine-y day are a great start!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend…