Another Unexpected Benefit of Weight Loss

We’ve talked before (here and on your blogs) about the wonderfully unexpected benefits of losing weight. Things like fitting in a restaurant booth, or a classroom desk chair. I’m here to report another one:

BOOTS! I can wear boots! These boots, in particular.

I’ve had boots in the past but suffered the well-known “muffin top” effect (think Pillsbury Dough-girl) and avoided them as much as possible.

I must say, with completely annoying (and yet, oddly enjoyable) immodesty, that my legs look mah-velous in these boots and my blue jeans. My iPhone was on 5% power, so I couldn’t snap a photo.

My next frontier: a belt. I’ve never owned a belt. Not as an adult, anyway. The idea kind of terrifies me. :)

I’m pleased to report that the Cammy-do list was annihilated this weekend. Plus, I completed a few things I hadn’t intended. The weather has been great, so I worked in frequent sunshine-y breaks amongst the errands and chores. Just a couple of small things left, then the last thing on the list: a nice hot bubble bath! Ahhhh…

The one thing I didn’t get done this weekend was blog surfing, but I hope to reconcile that post-bath (if I’m not all noodle-y.) Hope you all had a great weekend!