Friday Drive-by

I’m on company time right now, so I’ll be brief. With the economy being what it is right now, it’s not surprising that several of us in fitness-blogging world have found ourselves jobless or soon-to-be-jobless. Scary times, these, and potentially dangerous to the evolving healthy eater.

But you know, it just doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. If you doubt that (and even I have my moments), check out Jonathan Fields’s new e-book, The Fire Fly Manifesto. It’s free and it’s fantastic!

In other news, it’s an exciting day in Cammyland! Remember the boots? Well, I’m finally wearing them (outside my house.)

From Blogger Pictures

It’s a happy day! (Oh, and please don’t pay attention to messy office. Or the messy hair, for that matter. *G*)

Happy Weekend!