HYC Week 45

Well, I wasn’t expecting this. In my new and evolving traffic light measurement system, I’m in the yellow zone (more than 2 lbs away from goal), but I’m on the minus side of the target. I lost two pounds over the past week. (Where was a nice 2-lb. loss when I was trying to lose weight, I ask you.)

It’s not just the scale that has me a little concerned. Quite a few people have told me to ‘stop dieting’ over the past week or so. A couple even said that I could stand to put on some weight. These are friends-and-family types who have been amazingly supportive, so they have my ear.

For the next few days, I’m not going to do anything differently. This could be another weird scale bump. Lord knows, I’ve seen my share of those over the past few months.

I know there’s a problem in the number of calories I’m taking in. I’m used to eating the way I have for 16 months, and it’s tough to change. Basically, I need to add around 500 calories a day. Now, I would happily throw some Little Debbie’s and/or some Cheetos in the mix, but that’s not exactly a healthy lifestyle, is it? I think I’ll use almonds and/or peanut butter instead. Maybe some more of the chocolate protein powder stuff. (MMM, maybe I can figure out how to use all three in some sort of hershey’s with almonds meets Reese’s cup kind of way. :))

I’ll figure it out, I suppose. It’s all a learning process.

In other news, BlogHer has announced their 2009 venue: Chicago! I’m planning to be there, and I hope bunches of you will join in the fun. I last attended BlogHer in 2007 and had a really good time. So start saving those pennies, nickels, and dimes!

Hope you all had a stellar week!