HYC Week 47

Greetings from Cammyland!

This is my first week flying solo on exercise. Sadly, I had my final training session with Fitness Together last Friday. I’ll miss seeing those guys regularly, but I hope to keep in touch with them. When folks help you change your life, you like to have them around. :)

Last night I went to the regular old boring gym and did an elliptical 5k. I’m pleased to report that I completed it in 29:01 minutes at level 8! Previously I had been doing level 5, but Trainer Daniel went all Jillian on me the other week and ran up the level to 15 causing me to nearly die within 2 minutes. I don’t like to be defeated by these machines, so I’m ramping up my elliptical program. Now that I’ve done the level 8 at 30 minutes, I’ll move up to level 10 and see how long it takes me to get the time for a 5k under 30 minutes. It may take all winter! :)

Today, I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. It does not appear that he will get to use his surgery knowledge on me, thank goodness. He thinks the problem is arthritis in my neck and some compression between two discs.(Amazing how a problem in one area [neck] can cause pain in other areas [shoulder/back/arms.]} His remedy, in addition to some anti-inflammatory and steroidal-type medications, is a few weeks of physical therapy. If insurance covers it, I’ll give it a whirl.

With the doctor’s appointment and the subsequent pharmacy run, I missed my self-imposed gym window, so I’m exercising at home tonight. My plan is to watch The Biggest Loser and do some sort of exercise at every commercial break, with a focus on core and cardio. I should be able to do jumping jacks or hops through a commercial break, right? Riiiight…

Good Lord, could I get anymore rambly? I’m off to check on how well you guys are doing while watching TBL. But not during the 1,273 commercial breaks. I’ll be UP and MOVING then!