Thrifty Thursday: Alternate Resources

I was scanning this article on dietriffic, always looking for ways to save money on groceries, when this little jewel jumped out at me:

“Supermarkets aren’t the only place to go for groceries.”

I agree wholeheartedly. Way back when, in my unhealthier days, I did most of my grocery shopping at Walgreen’s, a chain drug store. Considering that the only groceries I brought home were chips, candy, cookies, ice cream, and the like, AND considering that Walgreen’s always has great sales on those, it was a marriage made in Heaven. Or Hell. It depends on your perspective.

Now, on Sunday mornings, I always check out the Walgreen’s ad, but my motive is different. Who knew they also carry lots of healthier groceries as well and frequently have sales on those items. This week, for example, with store coupons, you could pick up:
15-oz. can of Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin, reg. $1.79, sale price
Jif Peanut Butter, 18. oz., reg. $3.29, sale 3 jars/$5.00
Quaker 1-Minute Oats, 18 oz., Buy one, get one free ($2.79 total)
Jello Sugar-free, reg. $1.19 each, sale 4/$2.00
Morton Salt, ClabberGirl Corn Starch, Baking Soda, or Baking Powder, 2 pkgs/ $1.00
Splenda sweetner, 100 packets, $2.99

And you don’t need a coupon for these sale items:
Walgreen’s Select Nuts, 9-11 oz., reg. $5.99, sale $3.99
Sun-Maid Raisins, 18 oz., $1.99
Sunsweet Dried Apricots, 13 oz., $1.99

Non-food products on sale:
Nature Made Vitamins and Supplements – buy one, get one free

And for the exercising types among us:
Coupon Salonpas Hot Patch – 2/$2
Gillette, Secret, Old Spice “Clinical Strength” deodorant/antiperspirant

I’ll be picking up some more pumpkin before the week is out, and possibly some raisins. (They can keep their dried apricots–ick!)

If you don’t have a Walgreen’s near you (here, there’s one on every corner), chances are that your local ‘big deal’ drug store has sales as well. Just stay away from the candy aisles. :)

Another source for healthier groceries, especially if you live in an area in which it’s difficult to find certain foods, is our fine friends at Amazon. Just now, they have promotions on Bob’s Red Mill products (25% off) among other things. Everything I’ve checked out there has been eligible for free shipping as well.

Those are just two of the ‘alternate resources’ you can use to possibly save a few $$$ while shopping for healthier groceries. You can also consider your local farmer’s market, discount warehouses like Costo or Sam’s, and retailers like Target or Wal-mart.

What about you? Do you have any off the beaten path shopping resources for healthier grocery shopping?

(Note: none of these stores have sent me any money or coupons or even a kind word.)