Weekend Wrap-up

Whew! I’ve made a good start on the holiday shopping, but I still have a way to go. The stores I went to were busy but not overrun with crazed shoppers. I’m not one of those people who will stand in line, even for a great “bargain”, so I avoided the big box stores. I even avoided the streets where the big box stores are located!

I did get my new printer, so that’s another item off my to-do list. I haven’t had a chance to explore the features. I think there might be a microwave oven on it. :)

The one other thing I had hoped to accomplish, shopping-wise, was to complete the shopping for my Salvation Army Angels, and I did. I have two angels: an 82-year old woman and an 18-month old little girl. Their requests were simple, thank goodness, and I was able to get everything on their wish lists. It’s a good feeling. If you have this program, or one similar, in your area, please consider participating. If finances are tight, you might consider pooling resources with a friend or family member.

Since this is primarily a weight-loss/fitness blog, I probably should mention that area of my life. :) If I had to give myself a grade for the long holiday weekend, I’d go with a solid B. I could’ve exercised more, but I ate healthy and filled a lot of the exercise time with movement of some sort (shopping, housework). My big Thanksgiving food splurge was a delicious slice of red velvet cake. And a corn muffin. Whoo-hoo! How’d YOU do?

Until tomorrow…