Back from Oblivion

I can’t believe it’s really working! Many thanks to those of you have stopped in to let me know you’re still reading! And thanks also to the fine user group at Blogger Help Discussion (no relation to actual Goggle help staff) who suggested different things until finally many of us were able to get to publishing again.

I was so successful at fixing my blog that I inadvertently published a post I didn’t plan to post yet, my year end review, but it worked out okay. Even if it does look kinda naked there without any preamble or closing. My point in posting it was to remind myself that I’ve had a pretty spiffy year and to let YOU know that you were a big contributor to it. Your support means everything!

Now, with the rush of the holidays past, the completion of the bedroom painting (other than the correction of a wee mishap from the removal of the blue painters’ tape) achieved, the decluttering of my office closet completed, and the Blogger mess resolved, I’m ready to catch up on reading YOUR blogs! I haven’t held up my end of the Blogging Buddies Doctrine, but I’m back on target now.

Or as close as I’m going to get in the near future. :)

My plan for the remainder of today and tomorrow:
– Blog reading
– Bookshelf clearing/decluttering
– A trip to the gym (tomorrow morning to get the year started off right)
– Consumption of the snack-pack of Doritos I purchased (a full ounce of salty, spicy yumminess and it’s all MINE)
– Work on my plans for 2009

In that order except, perhaps, for the Doritos which may move up the list.

Happy New Year to ALL!!