The Firm Wave

I don’t usually watch infomercials. Generally speaking, they’re pretty tacky. I’m also not much for buying trendy fitness products. My home gym consists of a treadmill (old, but enough), two 10 pound dumbbells, two 10-pound ankle weights, a yoga mat, a balance ball, and some stretchy cords. (We’ll leave my bicycle out of it, since it’s in the storage room for the foreseeable future.) You get the idea, though. I don’t just go throwing money around chasing some magic answer.

This morning I saw an informercial that has me intrigued. Tempted, even. Have you heard of The Firm Wave? It’s similar to an aerobic, or cardio step, only with a curved bottom (or top, depending on which exercise you’re doing). In true infomercial fashion, there are all sorts of promises and testimonials about the effectiveness of the product, and they may be true but I’m a Doubting Thomasina when it comes to things like this. I’m just an infomercial snob, I guess. The thing is, though, that the exercises shown in the ad look like loads of fun, and they look like things I’d DO.

Decisions, decisions. Anyone tried/used this product? Results to share? Bubbles to burst? Inquiring minds want to know!

And while we’re on the subject, anyone tried any other As Seen on TV type fitness or weight loss products? What’d you think?

Which now leads me to another question, the answer being none of my business: have you tried any fitness or weight loss product that you’re embarrassed to admit to? (I have, which I think I’ve mentioned here before: Ayds!

Before I make my exit, I apologize for being absent this week. Accounting types will understand that the first week of the month is TORTURE. It’s all behind me now, and I hope to spend some time this weekend doing a better job of catching up with you all!

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!