HYC Week 48

As I mentioned in my weekend wrap-up, I’m giving myself a grade of ‘B’ for the holiday week. I would’ve had an ‘A’, but I didn’t make it to the gym as much as I had planned. I had the time; it just didn’t happen. Fortunately, overeating didn’t happen either, so it was a wash. The new scale I weigh on now (gym) is a little higher than my previous scale (training studio), but it stayed consistent from last week and my clothes still fit, so I’m claiming success. :)

Thanks to all of you who chimed in with winter hair care tips. My hair appreciates it a lot!

I started physical therapy on my shoulder last night. We did some sort of ultrasound thing on my neck/shoulder area, and the pain was non-existent for a few hours after the treatment. I’m optimistic that it will help in the long term.

That’s it for today. I’m off to read up on YOUR progress while I watch The Biggest Loser weigh-in.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!