HYC Week 50

I think we can cross off “house painter” from the list of potential future careers. I just do NOT seem to have the knack for it. Or is it that I don’t have the knack for it…YET? This article has me wondering if I just haven’t given it enough time.

No weigh-in for this week. I’m forgoing gym time for painting time, trying to get my master bedroom finished once and for all. Well, except for carpet, which will be the final step in the home re-do. Since the gym is where the scale is, I’ll have to skip the “official” check for the week. It was fine last Friday. Let’s hope that continues.

Lest you think I’m skipping exercise, I can assure you that painting a room provides ample opportunity for giving the muscles a good workout. Paint can curls, step ladder step-ups (lost count around the 22,000 mark), squats, lunges, shoulder presses–oh yes, my muscles are getting plenty of business these days. None of it’s cardio–well, except when I lose my impatient self loses her temper and starts ranting about something that’s not working well. That gives the heart a good boost. :)

I hope to wrap up this project by Wednesday or Thursday night and get back to the gym by Friday, at the latest. I’ll definitely be doing workouts on the weekend, because I have a Christmas party to go to on Sunday and there will be f-u-d-g-e there. The last time I had fudge was last Christmas, so I’m already salivating. (How many days ’til Sunday?)

Hope you’re all having a great week!