Makeover Monday: Those Ugly Winter Flakes

There’s a chance we’ll be having some decent snow flurries in Memphis today. We don’t get much snow here, which means we go a little wacko when the white stuff hits. Since the temps are in the mid-30s, it will likely be a big, fat slushy snow–my favorite kind! One year we had flakes as big as my head, I swear.

Speaking of flakes and my head (brilliant segue, if I do say so myself), the combination of colder weather outdoors and central heating indoors have brought forth the first tell-tale signs of dry winter scalp to my shoulders. Fortunately, these flakes are teensy, but they have a tendency to multiply if I don’t take quick action.

I hope you don’t share in this affliction with me, but if you do, listed below are some tips for dealing with dry scalp and other winter hair maladies.


Switch to a shampoo and conditioner containing zinc, if you have flaky scalp. (Think Head & Shoulders.) Zinc treats dandruff and provides relief for a flaky scalp.

Try shampooing less frequently, if possible. Not really practical for those who have a daily exercise habit, but if you aren’t doing anything to make your head sweaty, consider giving your hair a one-day break between shampoos. The cleansers in shampoos are sometimes drying to the hair and/or scalp, so a mini-break might reap nice benefits.

Use a good quality conditioner daily and deep condition at least once per week. While there are deep-conditioning products on the market, I usually rely on one of my two regular conditioners but leave it in for an extra half hour or so once a week.

Avoid the blow dryer as much as possible. Yes, it will dry your hair faster, but it also dries the scalp.

To combat winter hair static or frizzies, use a light styling product such as gel or mousse (non-alcohol based). If static attacks during the day, run damp hands over your hair. (I’ve heard that rubbing a fabric softener sheet over your hair will tame static, but it didn’t work for me. My hair smelled especially good that day, though.)

Those are just the few winter hair care tips I know. As always, I’d love to pick up some new ones, so please sing out in the comments!

Happy Monday!