People Are Watching

I’m feeling all celebrity-like here. The super-charming, irrepressible Mary, of A Merry Life, flattered the heck out of me by interviewing me as a success story for her blog! Thank you so much, Mary! I not only had fun answering your interesting questions, I also had a few personal revelations along the way. (I love when that happens!)

A couple of Mary’s questions centered on advice for people embarking on weight loss plans, and I’ve since realized another tip I would give. The amazingly talented Kelly* touched on it when she commented/questioned in my last post:

Does it get embarrassing sometimes- the focus on your looks? I mean, of course
you are healthier and happier and its a change for the better, but id get
uncomfortable with people gushing over how great i looked all the time. or does
it make it feel like it was all worth it?

Yes to all of the above, Kelly! The great comments are truly appreciated, and I’d be hurt (not to mention puzzled) if no one said anything. But I’d be less than honest if I didn’t admit that there have been times when I felt like shouting, “Can we all stop looking at my body now? Please?” I never expected this sort of attention to my physical self!

That sounds ungrateful, doesn’t it? I don’t mean for it to. They mean well, and support like this is part of what has helped fuel this journey. But when you’ve spent the past couple dozen years trying to do anything to minimize your body and not be noticed, it can be uncomfortable to be under this much scrutiny. I’m serious, there are times when I’m surrounded by people at work, all commenting on how “skinny” I am now.

Gratifying? Yes!

Appreciated? More than I can say.

Fishbowl-ish? More and more each day.

Now, I’ve just got to find a way through, around, or over this discomfort. This whole thought process has me examining some of my goals for the coming year, which (if I’m successful) have the potential to bring on even more exposure and scrutiny. I’ve got to get myself comfortable with that! Clearly, I have work to do.

Thank you, Mary and Kelly, for giving me the opportunity to polish another rough spot! This is what I love about blogging!

*A Big Hooray! for Kelly, who was runner-up in the Best Fitness Blog category in’s 2008 Diet Awards !