Yesterday, I ran into a guy I haven’t seen in years and years. We worked together for seven or eight years, and I saw him every day. Yesterday, I had to re-introduce myself to him. When I did, he started laughing. It seems a mutual friend told him just last week that if he saw me, he wouldn’t recognize me, but he thought she was exaggerating. He had to call her right then and there to tell her that she was right! It was a nice moment.

An equally nice (but somewhat unsettling) moment happened this morning, when a co-worker sent around a group photo from the JDRF walk. Even though I distinctly remembered being present for the photo, I couldn’t find me anywhere. I thought maybe they had gathered for another photo after I left. But then someone pointed me out. I hadn’t recognized me either. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to looking for a smaller person.

In other news, my Me Day was wonderful, if a bit soggy. I did have my cookie splurge, but I wasted it on a so-so chocolate chip when a macadamia nut was clearly the way to go.

I was so noodle-y, pampered,feel good at the end of the day, that I forgot what day it was and completely missed The Biggest Loser. I’ve heard that we’re voting for/against Heba and Ed, but other than that I have no idea what happened. So what, if anything, noteworthy did I miss?

The weight loss/fitness/health bloggers are all over the Oprah story. There aren’t many of us here who haven’t been through what she’s going through now. Having regained lost weight, that is. Most, if not all, of us avoided doing it in front of zillions of people. But it looks like she’s on the right track now:

Winfrey says she’s abandoned trying to get thin. She just wants to be
strong, healthy and fit.

It worked for me, O. If you need any tips, give me a ring. Or, you know, have one of your people give me a ring.

So if you could give Oprah one tip, what would it be?

Back to work now. Enough of this random funness.