As Seen on TV (Possible spoilers ahead)

It was kind of interesting watching DietTribe on Monday night and then The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night. Of the two, I have to say I enjoyed TBL much more. That kind of surprised me, considering I didn’t get into TBL at all last season.

As far as DietTribe goes, the only person on the show I find interesting is the psychoterapist, who had a really interesting observation with regard to the group. When one woman “called out” her friend for misreading a situation and another friend agreed, tears flowed and before it was over the accusations were withdrawn and the “accused” (can’t remember names) was a candidate for sainthood. The therapist caught that and observed that it wasn’t very helpful. The point of doing a program as a group was to support each other and to keep each other honest, but they seemed to be more interested in keeping each other happy.

That got me to thinking about our blogging community and how we respond to each other and wondering if in our efforts to provide unwavering support, we’re helping or harming the situation. I’m still pondering that, and I suspect I will be for quite some time.

I do plan to watch at least one more episode of DietTribe, but so far I’m just not connecting with any of the women on the show.

The Biggest Loser, on the other hand, has several contestants that have captured my heart this season. Daniel and Jerry, in particular, won me over completely. Daniel, because he’s so young, and Jerry, because he overcame a really rocky start.

There were two moments in last night’s episode that really underscored some of the problems I have with scale-based successes. In one of the early contestant interviews, Jerry spoke with pride and awe about all the things he was doing that he never thought possible: riding a bicycle 42 miles, walking, the workouts, eating healthy, etc. You could see the profound sense of accomplishment he felt.

At the weigh-in, his body language told a completely different story. The instant that scale posted “-1″, his shoulders slumped forward, his face sagged, and the sense of failure rolled off him in waves. The other contestants’ reactions mirrored Jerry’s. He hadn’t lost any weight; therefore, he failed.

So wrong. So very wrong.

It’s not that I’m anti-scale. I just think we place too much emphasis on it, when to a large degree we can’t control what it shows. We can only control what WE do, and we should feel enormous pride and achievement for every step we take, every mile we run, each and every chip or cookie we don’t eat–EVERY SINGLE THING we do that moves us toward our goals is a success measure. We should celebrate those and focus on creating more of them. The scale will follow.

Ooh, how’d I get up here on this soapbox? Sorry….

Fortunately for Jerry, he seems to have rebounded well. He looks AMAZING and that spark of pride is back in his eye. I’m so thrilled for him and Mrs. Jerry.


Is it just me, or has this not been the rambliest post I’ve ever made? I plead fatigue and an over-cluttered mind. I’ll try to get back on track tomorrow. But don’t count on it. :)

On a personal note, I am defeating the stair climber, bit by bit. Tonight I did 30 minutes on it, about 2/3 at level 3 and the rest at level 4. Next time out (probably the weekend): 30 minutes level 4!

One positive for the stair-climber: When I’m on it (and I’m always the only person using one), I’m the tallest person in the gym. :)

Random (following the apparent theme of the day) observation: I noticed that a lot of folks at my gym spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on the equipment at the gym, as opposed to actually using it. How odd. I know they’re telling their friends the next day, “Man, I’m pooped, I was at the gym for over an hour last night.” Yeah, but you were sitting around for half that time. Get to moving!

Enough rambliness! I’m off to bed. Wishing you all a wonderful week!