Brick by Brick


Brilliant guest post on zenhabits today by Ian Newby-Clark, author of an amazing new-to-me blog, My Bad Habits. (My heart is still going pitty-pat.) A teensy piece:

When you work at something day in and day out, you achieve huge positive change in your life. If you don’t stick to it, your results can be disappointing. No amount of “blitzing” a series of workouts, “cramming” for exams, or “crash dieting” will get you the results that the Power of Gradual can.

This is what it took me 30 years to learn, and it’s the fundamental principle of what I lovingly (and somewhat laughingly) call ‘The Tippy Toe Diet’. Success is in the approach, and small changes accumulate. You place one brick on top of another, day by day by day. Every now and then you have to stop to replace a brick that wasn’t placed firmly and tumbled off. But you dust it off and keep building, and rebuilding when necessary, and one day you wake up and you’ve lost a hundred pounds! Or 10 or 200 or…well, you get my point.

Can you tell I listened to The Commodores’ “BrickHouse” today? (And yes, I am the “she” they’re referring to, thankyouverymuch. At least, as long as the song lasts.)

Anyway, my point in all this brickwork, besides highlighting Ian Newby-Clark’s amazing post, is to remind those of you who might be stressing a little over your progress that slow progress is still progress, and in the long run you WILL benefit from it.

I promise. {TippyToePinkySwear}

Leaving you with this image, a photo of a meaningful-to-me sign I saw at Kirkland’s:


Have a wonderful weekend! Relax and refresh, release and rejoice!

And keep building! (and dancing!)