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By Request Post: from fatfighter, who asked what I thought of the Champion C9 sports bras from Target (no compensation disclosure necessary.) Since sports bras are near (ha-ha!) and dear to my heart, I decided to use FF’s question as it’s very own topic.

My response: I like them. I like them A LOT. Considering I have eight of them, it’s entirely possible I like them too much.

What I like about the C9s:
– They provide good support. (post-loss, I’m a B-for-barely Cup).
– They wick really well, even in the southern heat.
– They’re durable. I toss mine in the dryer, which is usually a great big no-no for anything with spandex in it, but so far I haven’t noticed any breakdown.
– They come in pretty colors and sizes up to XXL (where I started—now I wear a large, but will move down to medium next time out.)
– They’re inexpensive. Target has them on sale now for $12.99.

A friend (bustier than yours truly) tried this same bra, and it didn’t work for her. Not enough support and uncomfortable for her. (I’ll have to ask her what kind she bought and report back.)

Champion makes other sports bras, but I haven’t tried any of them. They’re running a $10 off the purchase of two bras, and most look like they’re in the $30 range. I mightmaybeperhaps just have to purchase a couple of the sports tanks.

The only other sports bra I’ve tried is the Iris Sports Top by Oiselle, which I got via a supercool giveaway over at mizfit’s. (Thanks again to super-generous Ms.Sally!) I like the Oiselle bra and would buy another one if I wasn’t so in love with the C9s. Also, the fact that I have eight sports bras is really kind of sad. The Iris is durable and wicks the sweat away nicely. My only complaint is that it’s a little pinch-y under the arms for me. Also, XL is the largest size and when I first received the Iris, it was a bit too tight for comfort. Even now, it’s the tightest sports bra I have, but it’s comfortable. Finally.

Anyone out there (especially those of the more endowed persuasion) who might want to chime in with reports on sports bras you’ve tried? Problems? Victories? Cute colors?

BTW, if you’re in the market for a sports bra, here’s a link to a series of articles on how to choose the best sports bra for you.

Okay, I’m off to see how my paint (hallway, above the chair rail) is drying. I’m running late due to an unfortunate incident involving a screwdriver and my forehead. Don’t worry; I’m pretty sure it won’t scar.

Happy Weekend!

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