Cammy Needs a Brand New Bag

As titles go, it’s bad and more than a little corny. So sue me.

Guess what I did today? Go ahead, guess.

Need a hint?


Yep, I registered for the BlogHer ’09 conference being held this year (July 23-25) in Chicago. I attended the 2007 conference and learned a lot, so when I heard that it was in Chicago again this year, I had to sign up.

The photo above is a tote bag they gave us at registration in 2007. It’s messenger-style and the perfect size for me! I sure hope they have something similar this year (in red would be nice), because this one’s getting a little worn.

I didn’t know anyone at the last BlogHer. I had just started my previous (and now deceased) blog, and I was a little nervous about hanging out with real bloggers. So I was mostly quiet and listened and learned. I plan to do a lot of that this time, too.

I will possibly be a bit more of my normal outgoing self at this conference (confidence will do that to a girl), which should enable me to meet more folks. One of the highlights of last conference was meeting Susie Bright, who is one of the wittiest smartest people I’ve ever encountered. Generous, too.

All of this is meant to encourage you to join me (and a 1000 or so other bloggers) for the fun, merriment, networking, and education. It’s not cheap, but it’s defeinitely worth the cost of admission.

And here’s the really good news if you’re the shy type: YOU don’t have to go there not knowing anyone–YOU know ME! If you let me know you’re going, we can arrange to meet that first morning and eliminate that leq-quaking experience of entering a large room of strangers.

Please consider attending and LET ME KNOW if you sign up! So help me, if you go and I don’t get to meet you…well, there will be repurcussions. That’s all I’m saying.

My sidebar will be wearing shiny BlogHer badge bling for a while. Click the button any time to sign up! (Hint: Early bird registration ends February 28th.)

Gosh, I’m becoming quite the spokesmodel throughout the land, aren’t I? :)

Happy HumpDay!

(Edited to add, thanks to Katschi via the comments, that I signed up for the “Full Conference Pass”)