Fun-Filled Friday

Yeppers, today is going to be a blast. Let’s inventory, shall we?

I start the morning with a mammogram. It’s the first one for my girls, post weight-loss, which should prove interesting since there’s nothing left to smash.

Midday, I begin my colonoscopy prep. I hear it’s…unpleasant, at best. The part about not eating anything ALL DAY except for banana popsicles or chicken broth is definitely not attracting me. Thank goodness the test is tomorrow a.m. early-early. I think I’ll be treating myself to real breakfast after.

With events like that bookending my day, I’ve decided to fill the in between times with other unpleasant tasks, like starting on my taxes and plucking my eyebrows and cleaning out my car. The day should speed by in an anti-bliss-filled blur. :)

No, that’s a bad attitude. I’m truly grateful to have health insurance that allows me to have these tests (at no cost to me), and I need to think of it in those terms.

Okay, that’s much better.

I’ll also spend some time reading a whole bunch of magazines. I may be the only person on the planet who didn’t know that Google books has magazines online! Thanks to the MUO people for this article, which showed me the way. (I’ll save Women’s Health to a day when I’m not attending to my health, but I will probably spend a few hours perusing American Cowboy.)

I also received my copy of Career Renegade, by the oh-so-inspiring Jonathan Fields, so I’ll probably get started on that.

Oh, and I’m also going to experiment with my camera. I’m taking a continuing ed class in digital photography and discovering all sorts of cool features I didn’t know my camera even had!

And that will be a full day. Hopefully, I’ll make it through without any major worries or undue stressors, breeze through the tests, and emerge from the test tomorrow morning with a warmer, sunny weekend (and a nap) ahead of me.

I hope you have a fun (much more fun) and healthy weekend!