Makeover Monday: Looking the Part

Although I’ve reached my goal weight, I don’t exactly have an ideal body. Lots of extra me still hanging around my midsection. Not nearly as much extra as before, mind you, but still plenty.

Learning to dress this new body isn’t any easier than dressing the before body, which is why an article in this month’s Memphis Health & Fitness [Link obsolete] magazine caught my eye. It offered a few tips for looking slimmer. I’m assuming most everyone who passes through here wouldn’t mind looking slimmer, or maybe just as fit as they already are, so I’m sharing these tips with you.

The tips, here in italics/bold, were created by the article’s author, Laura Cotton. The remaining comments are mine.

1) Wear clothes that fit. This was a problem for me before, and it’s a problem for me now. I have a tendency to wear clothes that are too big. I know I’m not alone in this. But it really makes no sense, when you think about it. Wearing a 3x instead of a 2x is NOT going to result in some mathematical miracle that makes us look like a size 8. (Note to Cammy: the same is true for wearing size L instead of M.)

2) Wear heels. I know the idea is that the height will visually elongate our legs, but I’m just not going to wear heels regularly. Given my druthers, I’d live in sneakers or flip flops. I’ll just have to go for the fit, athletic look.

3) Try out a new look. Self-explanatory, but it gives me a good opportunity to share a completely irrelevant bit of gossip: I’ve worked with a woman who has had the same hairstyle for TWENTY-TWO YEARS. And what’s bad is it’s not even a good style. Pretty hair, though.

Okay, enough cattiness that contributes nothing to US looking slimmer. Onward…

4) Wear brightly colored scarves. I’m not a scarf person, but I don’t mind if you wear them.

5) Wear belts. Now there are plus-sized women who look fantastic in belts, but I wasn’t one of them. Maybe it’s because my “worst” area was my waist? No clue. I’ve never owned a belt, but I keep saying I’m going to try one now. I’m thinking that with the right blouse, a belt might give me the appearance of an actual waist. I’ll let you know.

6) Wear dark pants or skirts and brightly colored v-neck tops. Yaaay! I did something right. {preens} I’ve graduated from wearing ONLY black pants to wearing brown, grey, and even black plaid. To work, of course. Everywhere else, I wear jeans or workout wear.

7) Don’t wear too many layers. Oops, I didn’t think of the sweaters as adding bulk on top of my incumbent bulk.

8) Walk tall and sit up straight. I’ve got the walking part down, but I need to work on my posture when seated.

9) Get a new bra. She means a well-fitted one, which makes sense. Since my girls abandoned me at the first sign of good health (like I hadn’t lugged them around all those years), I’ve been wearing cheapie Target bras. I really should get fitted for something with a little more lift and smush assistance. But no underwires.

10) Smile more. Oh, this one is easy. :)

And that’s it. I don’t even have anything to add, since I’m somewhat fashion-dense. But maybe you do? If so, sing out! Just because we don’t have perfect bodies doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy looking good in the ones we have. Right? Right!